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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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I am sure you hate me all this time, for chatting about so many trifles, and telling you no politics. I own to you, I am so wearied, so worn with them, that I scarce know how to turn my hand to them; but you shall know all I know. I told you of the meeting at the Fountain tavern: Pulteney had promised to be there, but was not j nor Carteret. As the Lords had put off the debate on the Indemnity Bill, nothing material passed ; but the meeting was very Jacobite. Yesterday the bill came on, and Lord Carteret took the lead against it, and about seven in the evening it was flung out by almost two to one, 92 to 47, and 17 proxies to 10. Today we had a motion by the new Lord Hillsboroughu (for the father is just dead), and seconded by Lord Barrington12, to examine the Lords' votes, to see what was become of the bill: this is the form. The Chancellor of the Exchequer13, and all the new ministry, were with us against it; but they carried it, 164 to 159. It is to be reported to-morrow, and as we have notice, we may possibly throw it out; else they will hurry on to a breach with the Lords. Pulteney was not in the House: he was riding the other day, and met the King's coach; endeavouring to turn out of the way, his horse started, flung him, and fell upon him: he is much bruised; but not at all dangerously. On this occasion, there was an epigram fixed to a list, which I will explain to you afterwards: it is not known who wrote it, but it was addressed to him:
11 Wills Hill, the second Lord Hillsborough, afterwards created an Irish Earl, and Cofferer of the Household. Wai/pole.—Cr. Marquis of Downshire (in Ireland), 1789 ;M.P. for Warwick. He was Comptroller of the Household, 1764-55 ; Treasurer of the Chamber, 1755 ; President of the Board of Trade, 1763-65, Aug.-Deo. 1766, 1768-72; Joint Post-Master-G-eneral, 1766-68; Secretary of State for the Colonies, 1768-72;
Secretary of State for the Southern Province, 1779-82; d. 1793.
12  William   Wildman,    Viscount Barrington, made   a   Lord   of   the Admiralty   on   the   coalition;   and Master of the Q-reat Wardrobe, in 1754    Walpole.—He was also Secretary at War and Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1761;   Treasurer of the Navy, 1762 ; Secretary at War, 1764-78; d. 1793.
13  Samuel Sandys.